SDSN to host e-conference on the fall armyworm outbreak in Africa

Published on:

September 20, 2018

Community of Practice:

East & Southern Africa, West Africa

22-26 October – Free online participation!

Two years ago, fall armyworm (FAW) arrived in Africa. What we have learned so far? What are effective strategies in reaching farmers across the continent? How effective have responses so far been? What are the long-term consequences of these responses? What innovative ideas might work better? Find out and share your insights during the carbon-free e-conference on responding to the fall armyworm outbreak in Africa, from 22-26 October. Subscribe here to join daily sessions on various aspects of responding to the FAW outbreak in Africa and access an online platform to meet, share work and discuss with others.  Hosted by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network’ (SDSN).

The e-conference and the online platform will result in a shared action agenda that everyone can contribute to.
Program summary, daily sessions from 13:00-14:30 GMT:
22 October: Fall armyworm identification and infestation
23 October: Monitoring FAW infestation across Africa
24 October: Effects of pesticide application in response to FAW
25 October: What has been tried so far? Integrated pest management and farmer field schools across Africa
26 October: What else can we try? Biocontrol, breeding and innovative solutions
https://www. eventbrite. com/e/responding-to-fall-armyworm-in-africa-e-conference-registration-47116199822