New Name, Goal, and Strategies for CCRP

After a year of strategic review informed by the wisdom of countless partners, McKnight Foundation announced that the Collaborative Crop Research Program would now be called the Global Collaboration for Resilient Food Systems, bridging our decades long history of place-based, farmer-centered research partnerships with the opportunity to shape food systems solutions on a global scale.

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Helping Smallholder Farmers Feed Their World

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Incidencia para la agroecología: a propósito de las experiencias de la Comunidad de Práctica Andes



Revisión del estado del conocimiento y uso de fermentos líquidos y del biol en los Andes



Advocacy in agroecology: the case of the Andes Community of Practice



By The Numbers

828 M

The number of undernourished people in the world is on the rise and, as of 2021, reached an estimated 828 million. (source: FAO)

$8.25 M USA dollars

In 2022, the CRFS invested more than $8 million in agroecological research to improve food security in hunger hotspots.

121 Ongoing Research Projects

Agriculture-oriented projects aim to help smallholder farmers address issues leading to food scarcity.

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