Cross-Cutting Strategy, Themes and Projects


The CCRP has a portfolio of cross-cutting grants, as well as a set of cross-cutting themes that address topics of interest across the program.  Cross-cutting grants are described below, while cross-cutting themes, described to the right, are supported by thematic groups as well as discussions and meetings carried out at the program and regional levels.

Cross-cutting grants support all three CCRP regions and/or address key program themes. The CCRP portfolio contains three types of cross-cutting grants.

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Agricultural biodiversity contributes to productivity, resilience and diets. Over the past decade, CCRP-funded teams have conducted research across the value chains of diverse crops….read more here

Soil health

The basis of agricultural productivity, soil health is essential for healthy diets and thus for human health. Organic matter is the engine of soil health, so it is critical to planetary health through carbon sequestration and ecosystem services …read more here

Ecological pest, weed & disease management

Smallholder farmers face substantial challenges from the diverse insects and pathogens that attack their crops and the weeds that compete with or feed on them…read more here

Grants & Partnerships

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By the Numbers

0.4 Percent

An annual growth rate of 0.4 percent in the soil carbon stocks, in the first 30–40 cm of soil, would significantly reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

28 Foundations

Along with 28 other philanthropic foundations, the McKnight Foundation, through the CCRP, is part of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food.

26 Projects

The cross-cutting portfolio’s 26 projects contribute to global dialogues relating to AEI and global food security.


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  • West African CoP 2021 AET Workshop

    West Africa

  • Perspectives on Agroecological Transitions

    Andes, East & Southern Africa, West Africa

  • Challenges and Obstacles to Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 in the West African Sub-Region

    West Africa

  • Global Movement at Local Levels


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