Bambara groundnut productivity

Lead Organization:

Institut de l'Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles

Community of Practice:

West Africa






Voandzou, a Bambara groundnut variety, is a nutritionally complete food that is suitable for growing in a diverse range of agro ecological zones across Burkina Faso, with tolerance to drought. Hence, Voandzou could not only improve farming families’ nutrition, but could also provide food and economic security as a “hunger crop” available during the dry season and a valuable cash crop. As it is primarily cultivated by women, improving productivity and market access could increase women’s autonomy.However, to date very little research has been done to study Voandzou production and germplasm. When this project began, the crop was produced with indigenous landraces and ancestral techniques that were not necessarily maximizing production. Furthermore, market links were weak. This project proposes to work closely with farmer organizations as a means to developing a technical package to increase productivity and production of Bambara groundnut, with an emphasis on female participation. The project will benefit small-scale farming families, women, rural and urban populations and have a positive agronomic, environmental, economic, social, and cultural impact on participating communities and their networks.

Grant Aims:

Improve productivityImprove nutritionImprove income

Outputs and Outcomes:

Food systems and food security were strengthened by increasing average yield of Voandzou in two agro ecological zonesProtein deficiency is reduced and livelihood has improved: recipes were developed for Voandzou which are being utilized more for family consumptionPoverty has declined through building links to markets: farmer organizations are selling more seeds in the market