Farmers and Food Assistance

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World Food Programme Ecuador

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While there are food assistance programs in most countries they often involve importing food from distant capitals or other countries, which in the long term undermines the local food system by lowering prices and demand. The World Food Program has been involved in these traditional food aid models since its inception, however over the last decade the WFP has begun to try out different approaches that focus on strengthening local capacity and resilience in order to achieve long term improvements in childhood nutrition. Ecuador has been a testing ground for some of these models. A previous project phase researched the impacts of direct local provision on the nutrition of low income consumers. This study will look deeper into outcomes for small-scale farmers in terms of income, crop diversity, agroecology, empowerment and sustainability. The project benefits the two participating provinces as well as contributing to the larger debate on food assistance models, which could potentially influence governmental policy in many places where the CCRP works, among other.