Groundswell studentship

Lead Organization:

Groundswell International

Community of Practice:

West Africa


Burkina Faso




The effects of agroecological intensification (AEI)  practices on soil health, agricultural productivity and farm household incomes will be systematically assessed in different regions of Burkina Faso. The work will contribute to the local and global evidence base on the benefits of AEI at these different levels (soil health, crop yield, farm income). The training of a local student at the PhD level will be an additional valuable outcome of this grant, contributing to a next generation of AEI champions in West Africa.

Grant Aims:

The AEI-related data collected and analyzed through this initiative contributes to the evidence base that will lend credibility and support for wider efforts to promote and effective process of transition towards AEI. The PhD and scientific articles published on the results of the AEI Phase 2 research enhances the ability of the consortium members to strengthen their gender- and nutrition-sensitive work in advocating for specific, effective approaches to develop a more productive, resilient, and sustainable farming system in the context of Burkina Faso.

Outputs and Outcomes:

Intended outputs include the assessment of the effects of various combinations of agroecological practices across different types of households and contexts, compared to similar plots in which the practices were not employed. Effects on the evolution of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil, crop diversity and yields, farm income, and food security and household dietary diversity. As knowledge-related outputs are generated across the plots of 96 households in eight villages and across four regions in Burkina Faso, they will contribute to the following outcomes as the AEI process continues in Phase 2.

  • Increased implementation of appropriate AEI processes, principles and related innovations, that address priority issues determined with and by communities, across all categories of farm households (including for poorer, more vulnerable households).
  • Increased food production and income by farm households.- Improved dietary diversity.
  • Consolidation of communication and collaboration for AEI between a local farmer research network, public research and extension institutions, and NGO technical extension staff.