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Association Ecology Technology and Culture in the Andes

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Farm families, agronomists, and development staff often work together on low-input, sustainable innovations aimed at improving agricultural performance. These innovations should be documented and shared. The dominance of the high external input paradigm makes it all the more critical to work on the dissemination of field learning based on agroecological principles. Researchers often focus on academic journals that are not widely read by practitioners, and practitioners usually work in an oral tradition or produce extension materials that do not benefit from peer review to ensure their credibility. An additional obstacle to dissemination in the case of Latin America is the language barrier: most papers about experiences in applied agroecology are published in English, while LEISA is published in Spanish.  This project aspires to contribute to bridging those gaps by supporting the continued publication of a widely read journal that covers agroecological topics.

Grant Aims:

Output 1: Three regular issues of the LEISA magazine both in print and available online to 17,000 subscribers to the digital version, who can access it freely on LEISA’s website.Outcome 1: Communication of agroecological learning to a wide audience of stakeholders. Output 2: One special CCRP-informed issue of LEISA, featuring a relevant thematic area such as local food systems and nutrition.Outcome 2: CCRP grantees will publish their research on the topic and will provide synthesis that goes beyond their project