Push Pull Plus

Lead Organization:

Institute for Sustainable Development

Community of Practice:

East & Southern Africa


Tanzania and Malawi




In Ethiopia, there is a weak link between modern research and farmers’ traditional knowledge and practices. The outcomes are that farmers’ practices and farming systems have not been improved with scientific inputs. This project therefore intends to bring farmers, extension personnel, and scientists into a partnership to combine knowledge of agricultural practices for increased and sustained production in harmony with ecological dynamics. The collaboration of these stakeholders opens up dialogue to develop trust to conduct research and share solutions of crop production challenges faced by farming communities. By valuing farmers’ knowledge, using scientific principles to improve agronomic practices, ecological pest management strategies, and enhanced nutrient cycling within farms, this project puts farmer engagement at the center of the research process, and aims to conduct research that addresses farmer-prioritized needs. University faculty and next generation researchers (post-graduate students) are responsible for supporting research on topics identified by the community. Thus, the project has the potential for increasing attention to agroecological intensification principles and practices within academic institutions and next generation researchers.