Support of the People’s Food Summit

Lead Organization:

Regeneration International

Partner Organizations:

Global Alliance for Organic Districts, IFOAM, Navdanya, International Network of Eco Regions, Savory Global, Via Orgánica, League of Organic Municipalities and Cities, BERAS International, Shumei, and more hosted the People’s Food Summit on World Food Day in October 2021




Project supports Regeneration International in organizing a parallel event to the UN World Food Day. The vision is that of a truly participatory summit that empowers the majority of the world’s food producers.

Grant Aims:

To support the People’s Food Summit

Outputs and Outcomes:

  • Information exchanged
  • Connections created where different groups continue working together after
  • Citizen-led research and storytelling journey stimulated
  • Partnership started in which Regeneration International continues enabling scale up of projects