Access Agriculture Supports South-South Learning

Published on:

December 6, 2019

Community of Practice:

Andes, East & Southern Africa, West Africa

Access Agriculture is an international non-governmental organization that hosts an online platform for sharing farmer-to-farmer videos ( The well-crafted videos hosted on the platform are based on participatory research oriented towards farmers’ priorities and feature men and women farmers sharing their expertise and innovations.

CCRP teams have observed that farmers appreciate and learn from watching these videos. The CCRP has in the past engaged with Access Agriculture in supporting filmmaking about CCRP research by an Access Agriculture partner organization as well as the translation of videos into local languages of relevance to the CCRP.

Providing farmers with useful information—in a friendly format and in languages they understand—is an important way of sharing agroecological knowledge with the people who need it. It is also a key input into the CCRP’s farmer research network (FRN) projects, expanding the range of technical options that might interest FRN members for their own experiments.

Access Agriculture recently translated sets of videos in the following languages at the links below.