Agroecology Finance Assessment Tool — Agroecology Coalition

Published on:

November 28, 2023

A framework to assess the “agroecologicalness” of projects and initiatives.

The Agroecology Coalition has released a new “Agroecology finance assessment tool” developed by Statistics for Sustainable Development (Stats4SD), to meet a growing interest in agroecology across different stakeholder groups. Specifically, its purpose is to provide a framework to better understand current funding flows for agroecological initiatives and projects, and to assess to what extent current initiatives contribute to agroecological transformation.

The tool can be used by any institution that wants to assess how their investments align with the principles of agroecology. Moreover, the framework put forth by this tool can also be used as a standalone resource to guide project design, or as effective case studies, to better align future work with agroecological principles. 

Through a more thorough mapping of how current funding trends support agroecological principles, and an ability to rigorously assess portfolios of projects, the Agroecology Coalition seeks to see an increase in financial support for agroecology.

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