Application deadline approaches for Research Methods Workshop

Published on:

January 12, 2017

Community of Practice:

East & Southern Africa

Attention EAf and SAf Grantees: the deadline for applying to attend the CCRP Regional Research Methods Workshop is fast approaching. If you are interested in attending please apply by completing the application form and sending it by email to Linnet Gohole (Eastern Africa Regional Representative, email: lgohole@gmail. com) by Saturday 14th January 2017. The meeting will be held 13 – 17 February 2017 near Nairobi, Kenya and is open to members of CCRP project teams working in Eastern or Southern Africa. There is no fixed number of places per project. Instead, individuals should apply for places at the workshop. The organizers will then allocate places based on the applications, the need to balance the workshop members in various ways – for example, having a mix of more and less experienced participants –and CCRP priorities as well as on the overall budget. We expect project teams to collectively discuss who they would like to come, and to help individuals make a convincing case in their applications. The overall aim is to support projects and grantees to improve the quality and coherence of research through deeper reflection and peer-to peer learning, leading to more insightful data analysis and innovative design of research questions, data collection and handling. Specifically, the aims are to help projects and individuals draw on the expertise and experience of other participants and resource people to:Complete analyses and interpretation of data collected during the last 12 months. Reflect on and update the problems they are working on, the progress made and the conceptual frames and TOCs used. Design new research that will be implemented by their projects. Developed shared approaches and protocols that will be used by several projects. Improve the data flow within their projects, so that relevant results reach users more quickly. Learn skills in data analysis, handling and research design. Follow-up on work started during the previous research methods workshop.