Dossier on farmer innovation available in English and French

Published on:

December 22, 2016

Community of Practice:

West Africa

Misereor (Germany), Prolinnova and The McKnight Foundation collaborated with the German development magazine WeltSichten in producing a dossier on Small-scale farmer innovation. French version: Innovation paysanne. The short and highly readable articles explore how agricultural research can be carried out so that it supports small-scale farmers effectively and enhances their capacity to innovate. The articles present different approaches to supporting farmer-led research, ranging from partnerships between small-scale farmer organisations and research institutions; to alliances of farmer groups, NGOs and researchers; to constellations in which farmer organisations directly contract researchers. All authors share a joint vision of agricultural research embedded in society, working with and through small-scale farmers who thus contribute to improving agriculture and alleviating poverty in a sustainable way. The dossier includes two articles from CCRP grantees or partners: “Farmer organisations taking a decisive role in agricultural research – The case of FUMA Gaskiya” and “The added value of collaboration – Researchers’ perspective on partnership with small-scale farmers”