FAO – CCRP Event Held in Mexico City

Published on:

April 21, 2020

The FAO-CCRP event held in Mexico City, in November 2019, provided an opportunity for the FAO Agroecology team to share the origins and advances of the Tool for Agroecology Performance Evaluation (TAPE), which has been developed by the FAO, in collaboration with Dr. Pablo Titonell. The event provided an important opportunity for a wide variety of actors, which hold diverse agroecology perspectives, to assess the challenges and opportunities of applying the TAPE, in their particular Latin American contexts.

In addition, it allowed for this broad representation of agroecology academics, activists and practitioners, to engage in a rich dialogue with the FAO, and communicate some of their needs and concerns.

Some of the most important outcomes of the meeting included:

1) a generalized desire from the participants for the TAPE process to support their on-going initiatives, in addition to generating data for a global analysis;

2) the organization of a ‘follow-up committee’, which will strive to maintain communication and collaborations among participants; and

3) the commitment of several participants to conduct case studies using the TAPE in their regions.


Read the FAO press release here