Farmer Research Networks Sharing the Knowledge

Published on:

February 16, 2021

Since 2012, the CCRP has been developing the idea that farmer research networks (FRNs) would enable producers, development organizations and formal research organizations to collaborate in new ways. Today, the CCRP supports 30 FRNs in the 10 countries in which the CCRP works in Africa and the Andes.  Others are taking an interest in the approach, and CCRP is sharing its experiences.

In late November, an invited panel of CCRP grantees and consultants presented their experiences with FRN to representatives of fifteen farmer training centers associated with the “Healthy Soils, Healthy Food” initiative of the Alliance Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA).

In late January, following a seminar by Rebecca Nelson to the International Center for Research on Maize and Wheat (CIMMYT, for its Spanish acronym), a different group of CCRP grantees and consultants made an invited panel presentation to a group of CIMMYT collaborators.  The CCRP representatives had the opportunity to learn about the work of a farmer-oriented research network in Mexico, presented by CIMMYT’s Nele Verhulst and discussed with a group of 21 network participants.