McKnight Foundation showcases work of international program

Published on:

February 17, 2016

Community of Practice:

Andes, East & Southern Africa, West Africa

Recently, The McKnight Foundation produced a photo book that showcases the work that the International Program supports, including both the Southeast Asia Program as well as the CCRP. Complementing the photo book project was the recent installation of a special CCRP gallery exhibit and welcome reception in the Foundation offices. For both endeavors, Regional Teams were deeply involved with grantees to gather and compile beautiful photo images of all four Communities of Practice. With translated text in eight languages, the photo book highlights common themes of cross-learning, leadership, supporting sustainability, addressing complex challenges, protecting vital resource, and investing in present and future generations. We will also share printed copies with grantees and partners over the course of this year.
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Read more about it at the McKnight Foundation website here