Multi-language videos highlight benefits of botanically-derived pesticides

Published on:

October 31, 2017

Community of Practice:

East & Southern Africa

A new set of multi-language videos out of the Southern Africa Community of Practice highlights botanically-derived pesticides. The videos are available in English, Chichewa and Swahili and illustrate how botanical pesticides give effective control of insect pests on legume plants and at the same time are less harmful to friendly insects and to the wider environment. Crops treated with botanical pesticides have similar yields to those treated with synthetic pesticides and the cost of application is often lower. Farmers and consumers benefit from better returns and a much lower risk to their health. Learn more about the Collaborative Crop Research Program’s Botanical Pesticides Project at: http://www. ccrp. org/projects/botanical-pesticides-ii Check out the botanical pesticides video playlist below.