Prototype of the FRN tool-sharing platform

Published on:

April 21, 2020 is excited to share a link to the draft prototype of the FRN tool-sharing platform that was developed by Dave Mills and Emily Nevitt from Stats4SD, and which was shared at the CoP meeting in Malawi.

It’s still in a limited prototype form at the moment, but we are sharing it with the hope that anyone from the CCRP community who has resources they find helpful might be inspired to submit them to be shared on the site. This could include tools, templates, learning resources and so on that are relevant to FRNs. If you use something and find it helpful, perhaps there are others who could benefit from it, too! Key volunteers would review these for submission and curate what goes into the collection to maintain a standard of good practice.

For now, it’s been populated with items from the Stats4SD resources database and the Sphaera platform, but the long-term vision is for a broader, community-driven collection that fosters sharing and collaboration between FRNs. In order for this to succeed, it needs to involve not just RMS, but contributions from other cross-cutting projects and key projects in the regions.

We’re sharing at this early stage because how we proceed from here really depends on involvement from within the CCRP network. We’d be delighted to hear any input, including feedback and suggestions, tools to add, or volunteers to help review submissions in the future.

We feel that this could provide a good starting point in the discussions and work commencing in this area and we’re keen to get this platform into the hands of researchers working with FRNs in the near future.