The Global Food Systems Network Map — Meridian Institute

Published on:

November 28, 2023

A tool that drives maximum impact in food systems transformation.

The Meridian Institute, a nonprofit consultancy with a focus area in agriculture and food systems, has recently released an online tool that visualizes the global efforts underway to enact food systems transformation. The Global Food Systems Network Map is a valuable resource to foster collaboration amongst stakeholders, as well as better understand the complex landscape of food systems change.

The Network Map is a visually-driven, intuitive approach to mapping the relationships, overlap and gaps amongst multi-stakeholder initiatives in the food systems space. It unlocks a wealth of data that can inform an organization’s priorities or shape their efforts, such as the frequency of certain “Initiatives,” or food systems efforts, across organizations. Interrelated datasets come together to form a picture of how and where stakeholders can most effectively target their efforts for maximum impact.

A key advantage of the Network Map is its ability to track the constant evolution of the food systems change network and its efforts. The Network Map and the resulting insights provided by the Meridian Institute will be updated quarterly, and the Institute is open to receiving new information from stakeholders to strengthen the accuracy of this tool. 

See the map