Two fall armyworm videos developed, help farmers combat the pest

Published on:

October 24, 2018

Community of Practice:

East & Southern Africa, West Africa

The fall armyworm outbreak has been a continuing source of distress to farmers and others across Africa, and has now reached India. With support from the CCRP, Paul van Mele of AgroInsight teamed up with Allan Hruska of the FAO to produce two videos about fall armyworm and to translate the films into several languages important in Africa. One video focuses on scouting for the pest, and the other video features ecological methods that farmers have found to be effective in managing the problem. AgroInsight videos bring the voices of experienced farmers to wide audiences of fellow farmers, and we have seen how enthusiastic farmers are to see their films. In the first week of September, the videos on the Access Agriculture Website had over 1,000 views. The videos have also been used to support training of field school facilitators, for example in two recent training events in Kenya. The 75 field school facilitators will be showing the videos to many farmer groups.  View these videos and more by visiting: