Upcoming GREAT course focuses on gender-responsive cereal grains breeding

Published on:

May 15, 2017

GREAT courses equip researchers with tools to enhance the impact their research has on beneficiary communities, while also providing them marketable skills, and new opportunities for publication and career advancement. The GREAT training model is centered upon interdisciplinary team learning, direct field application, and mentoring support to each research team – all of which is designed to reinforce theory with hands on experience, and to provide a group-learning context for enhanced adoption after the course. More information on GREAT courses is available at www. greatagriculture. org/content/courses/overview. The next GREAT course focuses on cereal grains, including wheat, rice, maize, teff and sorghum, amongst others. The course will take place in Kampala Uganda, August 7-16th (Week 1) and January 15-19th (Week 2). Teams of 2-3 researchers, already working together on breeding these major crops may apply. Visit the GREAT course listing at  http://www. greatagriculture. org/content/courses/upcoming-courses) for meeting objectives, application instructions and more.