Urine is Boss!

Published on:

October 3, 2016

Community of Practice:

Andes, East & Southern Africa, West Africa

Excited by the idea that top dressing their crops with urine would increase their crop yields, FUMA Gaskiya farmers experimented for three years with using human urine as fertilizer to enrich the nutrient poor Nigerian soil that they cultivate for their livelihood. CCRP invites you to witness video documentation of the transformation of the substance once thought of as waste into an invaluable, freely available agricultural resource now dubbed Oga, meaning “”boss”” or ““patron”.
”CCRP’s YouTube playlist “Urine as an effective, low-cost fertilizer includes the following videos:

How Farmers from Niger Came to Use Human Urine as Fertilizer (Swahili; Luo): FUMA Gaskiya farmers recall how using human urine as fertilizer went from being an outrageous idea to a common practice in their communities.
Fertilizer Everyone Can Afford! (Swahili; Luo): Fuma Gaskiya farmers are convinced of the fertilizer value of human urine after seeing beneficial results in their own fields.
How to Collect and Use Human Urine to Fertilize Your Crops: Step-by-step instructions on how to collect and use human urine as fertilizer. Urine “Oga” – an effective natural fertilizer