Advocacy in agroecology: the case of the Andes Community of Practice

By Manuel Ruiz Muller

This report seeks to define as precisely as possible the meaning of the term “policy advocacy” through the lens of the practical work of some of the organizations that form part of the Andes Community of Practice (CoP) of the McKnight Foundation’s Collaborative Crop Research Program.

Analysis is presented on how these organizations have carried out policy advocacy at different levels and with varied degrees of success, including lessons learned over time and the impacts and challenges they face in the future. This is not a conceptual report but rather an analytical paper based on these organizations’ real experiences with policy advocacy. The report looks at the foundations of their successes and identifies lessons learned from their activities and efforts, including their strengths and limitations. The role of the Andes CoP, which supports research that is streamlined—with greater or lesser intensity—in decision-making processes mostly at different levels of government, is also addressed as are its strengths as a collective which can engage in policy advocacy.

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