Complementation des Bovins Laitiers pour L’ameliorationde de la Production de Lait et Du Fumier en Milieu Paysan dans le Cercle de Koutiala

In Mali, agriculture and livestock contribute about 23 % of export income and 40 % of the country’s gross domestic income. From a general development perspective, the livestock component of agriculture can therefore contribute substantially to improve farm productivity and poverty alleviation. It is with this in mind that this study was initiated. It aims to evaluate the effect of leguminous fodder and cottonseed meal on improving milk production and manure in sucker cows and income of farmers.

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Sanogo 2019 CNRST_stall feeding (pdf)


Ousmane M. Sanogo, Salif Doumbia, Katrien Descheemaeker



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Peer-reviewed article

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West Africa