Farmer-Centered Research for Agroecology: Learnings from an International Online Gathering

In October, the CCRP hosted a three-day online gathering of farmers, extensionists, researchers, agronomists, non-governmental organizations, farmers’ unions and federations, policymakers, government representatives, businesses, and more.

The aim of the gathering was to weave together diverse strands of experience, practice, stories and evidence from farmer-centered research for agroecology. It celebrated accomplishments, asked some hard questions, stimulated learning and engaged people from many different places. The conference was streamed live and translated, in real time, into French, English, and Spanish.

The report provides a synthesis of key themes and findings emerging from the presentations and discussions that took place over three days.

Versions of the report in French and Spanish will be available soon.

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FRN-Report-112221 (pdf)



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Learning / story