FRN Deep Dive Report

This objective of this document is to present a synthesis of the learning that was gained through part of the developmental evaluation process that involved four deep dive FRN projects, from 2015 to the end of 2017. The approach taken was to summarize the learning work done across the Deep Dive projects in different ways. After this introduction is a snapshot of each of the four FRN projects, followed by a synthesis of key learnings.

The FRN principles were a guiding framework for the Deep Dive projects, and after the broad synthesis section, there is a section that synthesizes learning by principle, presenting some of the key insights that were gained through individual reflection and group discussions. We then present summary guidelines for each of the five stages of research.

The appendices to this report include:

  • a list of example tools from the Deep Dive projects
  • draft tools for continuing the Deep Dive process across the program
  • a set of 4-squares designed through this process for better understanding different types of FRNs
  • a list of assignments used in the Deep Dive process

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FRN DD Synthesis2018 (pdf)





Resource Type:

Organizational publication or report