Statistics for Sustainable Development Resources Site

The Statistics for Sustainable Development Resources site is a publicly available repository of resources on topics related to Stats4SD’s work. This includes statistics, research methods and data management, as well as topics more specific to particular partners. For example, as part of their work on the RMS project with CCRP, they have added content on themes like agroecology and farmer-led research.
The materials include documents, papers, videos, instructional materials, tools, templates, and more. Many of these are resources were created by their team to support their work, and they are making an ongoing effort to continue to produce and make available a range of high-quality resources. The collection also contains links to external resources that they recommend.
The RMS team strives to include, thorough tags and descriptions for listings, to make resources discoverable and help lead users to appropriate materials. They are in the process of making further improvements to the organization of the library including broader browsing and search options for the database.
The collection, and almost all the resources contained in it, are free to access and use. They want to encourage anyone who is interested to explore the site and hopefully discover valuable tools and information.

Watch this brief yet informative video that describes the resource library and how to navigate it.



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