Southern Africa


Bambara Groundnuts III
Bambara Market Growth and Nutrition in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania
14-138, 14-140, 14-139
Botanical Pesticides II
Safe and effective pesticidal plants for agroecological intensification of legumes
13-335, 13-337, 13-338, 13-340
Bruchid management II
Introgression of bruchid resistance and incorporation of IPM strategies for reducing post-harvest losses of farmers preferred varieties
13-351, 13-350, 13-352
Cowpea Alectra III
Enhancement of Research Capacity to Develop and Promote Alectra Resistant Cowpea Varieties for Smallholder Farmers in Malawi and Tanzania
test Farmer Research Networks and legume integration
Engagement of Farmer Research Networks in Assessment of intercropping pigeon peas, lablab, and knowledge sharing for livelihood improvement in Singida
Groundnut Breeding III
New Varieties and Management Systems to Improve Productivity, Food Security, and Safety and Market Competitiveness
Groundnut Value Chain Technology
Enhancing Productivity and Competitiveness of Groundnut-Based Cropping Systems in Malawi by Developing and Deploying Labor Saving and Drudgery Reducing Technologies in the Groundnut Value Chain
test Leadership support
Building Research Leadership and Management Capacity of CCRP Communities of Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa
Legume Best Bets III
Upscaling Best Fit Maize-Legume Technologies Through Multi-Environment Trials and Farmer Research Networks
14-247, 14-248
test Legume diversification
Singida Nutrition and Agroecology Project
test Managing pests and diseases of common bean
Introgressing Bruchid Resistance, Reducing Post-harvest Losses and Strengthening Disease Resistance in Farmers'-preferred Bean Varieties for Adaptation to Local Agroecological Conditions
test Mozambique Cowpea Systems
Development and Evaluation of Improved Cowpea Varieties and Crop Management Practices in Mozambique for Enhanced Food Security, Family Nutrition, and Income
P-Efficient Legumes III
Increasing Bean Productivity and Livelihoods through Scaling Out of Phosphorus-Efficient Varieties of Common Bean to Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique
13-609, 14-318
test Pigeon Pea - FRN
Farmer based research networks and their improved household food security and income status – intercropping of pigeon peas with maize/sorghum
test Post-harvest grain legume technologies
Advancing the Development and Adoption of Post-harvest Grain Legume Technologies by Smallholder Farmers in Malawi and Tanzania
test Sustainable agroecological crop protection
Farmer research networks to evaluate sustainable agroecological crop protection using pesticidal plants: FRN4PP
test Bambara groundnuts
Development and promotion of bambara groundnuts for improved human nutrition in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania
test Bambara groundnuts II
Development and promotion of bambara groundnuts for improved human nutrition in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania
Bean seed delivery
Getting back to basics: creating impact-oriented bean seed delivery systems for the poor (and others) in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania
test Bean Seed Delivery II
Supporting communities to increase bean productivity through enhanced accessibility to seed of preferred bean varieities and other technologies in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania
10-531, 10-679, 10-680, 10-681
test Botanical pesticides/legumes
Botanical pesticides/legumes: Optimized Pest Management With Botanical Pesticides on Legume Cropping Systems in Malawi and Tanzania
Bruchid management for beans
Bruchid management: Introgression of bruchid resistance into farmers preferred varieties for increased productivity and stability of bean supply
Climbing beans
Improving smallholder food security, nutrition and income through increased production and marketing of climbing beans
Climbing Beans II
Improving Bean Production and Utilization and Utilization by Smallholder Farmers Through intergration of Climbing Beans in the Smallholder Farming Systems in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania
10-713, 10-918, 10-919, 10-920
Cowpea resistance to Alectra
Development and promotion of Alectra-resistant cowpea cultivars for smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Malawi
test Cowpea resistance to Alectra II
Cowpea/Alectra II Year 1: Development and Promotion of Alectra Resistant Cowpea Cultivars for Smallholder Farmers in Malawi and Tanzania
09-1206, 10-236, 10-235
test Groundnut breeding
Developing short-and medium-duration groundnut varieties with improved yield performance, acceptable market traits and resistance to foliar diseases
test Groundnut breeding II
Groundnut Varieties Improvement for Yield and Adaptation, Human Health, and Nutrition
test Groundnut postharvest value chain
Groundnut postharvest value chain
test Legume best bets
Legume best bets to acquire Phosphorus and Nitrogen and improve family nutrition
test Legume best bets II
Legume best bets II
test P-efficient legumes
Increasing Phosphorus efficiency and production of grain legumes in China and Africa
test P-efficient legumes II
P-efficient legumes II: Increasing Bean Productivity and Household Food Security in Stressful Environments in Mozambique Through Use of Phosphorus-Efficient Seeds by Farm Households
test PV groundnut
Development and promotion of bambara groundnuts for improved human nutrition in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania
test Soil fertility management
Scaling up integrated soil fertility management: economics, policy, and extension strategies to improve human nutrition and soils in Malawi
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