West Africa

Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger


The West Africa community of practice (CoP) focuses on improving food security and nutrition for smallholder farming families in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. With a cumulative population of approximately 45 million individuals and up to 65 percent of the population living on less than U.S. $1 per day, these three countries continuously rank among the world’s poorest. As a result, millions of people are malnourished and food insecure. Food production in the region is impaired by low soil fertility; highly erratic rainfall and inter-annual climate variability; and biotic crop production constraints such as the parasitic weed Striga, insect pests, and fungal diseases. Political instability has disrupted some international donor support, but farmer organizations are growing in size and influence in the region.


The West Africa CoP is striving to improve productivity and nutritional content of cereals (sorghum, pearl millet and fonio) and grain legumes (cowpea, groundnut ,and Bambara groundnut) as well as other traditional or introduced crops. Strengthening farming systems demands continued attention to improved soil and water conservation and agronomic management; better seed varieties and seed distribution systems; integrated pest management; strengthened and diversified value chains; improved diets and nutrition; and improved income and education for farming families.

The CoP strategy for achieving these ends involves promoting more systems-oriented research, diversifying partnerships, and using modeling and other new tools to determine how to break the poverty cycle. The CoP encourages projects to think creatively about social innovations and promote farmer-driven research and innovation. As part of this effort, the CoP is increasing its support of farmer organizations, which bring a valuable systems perspective to scientific research and can help speed adoption and adaptation of technologies that farmers themselves have validated. The CoP also provides mentoring from outside the region to facilitate the exchange of ideas and increase opportunities for regional capacity building.


AEI in the Sahel through agroforestry
Agroecological intensification of sorghum and pearl millet-based production systems in the Sahel through agroforestry
12-111 &12-630,13-298,13-293,13-295,13-301
test Agro-ecology Plus Three
Agroecology Plus Three
An Be Jigi II
Enhancing Bioavailability of Iron and Zinc in Varieties of Sorghum and Pearl Millet Consumed in Mali
Bambara III
Integrating Agro-Ecological and Farmers' Socio-Economic Contexts for Improving Voandzou Productivity and the Link with Markets
Bambara Nut II & III
Improvement of voandzou productivity and populations nutrition status and income by disseminating agricultural technical and socio-economic innovations across mega-environments
11-600, 12-500
test Cereal-Legume Composite Flour
Improving the nutritional status of children by increasing the consumption of "Cereal + legume" composite flour-based products in rural Burkina Faso
test Cowpea Square
Interdisciplinary and participatory development of multi-resistant cowpea cultivars for dual purpose and fodder production in West Africa
Dual-Purpose Sorghum and Cowpeas
Dual-Purpose Sorghum and Cowpeas: Opening the Window for Crop-Livestock Intensification by Combining Grain and Improved Crop Residues
13-582, 14-142
test Farmer Knowledge
Improving Cereals-Legumes Systems Through Valuing Farmers' Knowledge in Interaction with Research
Farmer-led agroecological intensification in Burkina Faso
Improved agroecological approaches to improve productivity, climate resilience and sustainability for the sorghum & millet based farming system in climatic buffer Zone I and II in Burkina Faso
12-590, 12-113
test Farmer-Led Research Networks
Strengthening Farmer-Led Research Networks for Agroecological intensification in Burkina Faso and Mali
West Africa Farmer Innovation Fair (FIPAO) and Francophone West African Workshop on Approaches to Research By and With Smallholder Farmers
Fonio I & II
Enhancing fonio potential by intensifying production systems in partnership with farmers of Mandela, Siguila and Kobougou
10-332, 12-515
Fonio III
Supporting Rural Communities for the Promotion of Fonio in Mali
Sustainable Large-Scale Biological Control of the Millet Head Worm in the Sahel
Grain Processing IV
Diversifying Uses of Legume and Cereal by Grain Processing to Improve Nutrition and Expand Market
14-434, 15-293
test Leadership Waf
CCRP West Africa Leadership Training
test Niger women’s fields II
Women production systems II/Data management for Farmer Research Networks
Pathways to AEI
Pathways to Agroecological Intensification of Sorghum and Millet Cropping Systems of Southern Mali
12-112, 12-634
test Pathways to AEI II
Pathways to Agroecological Intensification of Crop-Livestock Farming Systems of Southern Mali - II
test Seed Systems III
Seeds to Reach Farmers in Specific Target Area: Supporting Farmer Organizations to Disseminate More Seed in Their Local Target Areas, and Studying Why What Works for Whom
Seed Systems Niger
Niger Seed Systems Project for Pearl Millet and Legumes
test Seeds and Schools
Climate scenarios, agrobiodiversity and traditional knowledge: linking seeds with schools for adaptation to climate change on Peruvian Andean communities
Soil and water conservation
Soil (Nutrient and Water) Management to Increase Soil Organic Matter, Sorghum Grain, and Stover Yields
Technology Introduction
Technology Introduction, Marketing Strategies, and Farmers' Organizations for Sorghum and Millet in Burkina Faso and Niger
Women’s ag production systems
Improving family welfare through diversifying production on women’s fields in Niger
test An Be Jigi I
Use of local diversity for enhancing nutrition (especially iron and zinc bioavailability) in sorghum/pearl millet consuming communities
test Bambara groundnut productivity
Improving productivity of Voandzou and the link with the market in Burkina Faso
Integrated management of the millet head miner for increasing millet production in the Sahelian zone
Integrated Management of Millet Head Borer to Increase Pearl Millet Production in the Sahel (GIMEM)
test Grain legumes
ALIVE and nutritious cropping systems: A Legume Intensification and Variety Enhancement participatory approach
Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato I
Sweetpotato and nutrition in Burkina Faso
Orange-fleshed sweetpotato II
Promotion of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato to Control Vitamin A and Antioxidants Deficiencies in Burkina Faso
test P-efficient cowpea
Improving Millet-Sorghum-Cowpea System Productivity in Niger Republic by Introducing High Yielding Drought-Resistant Phosphate-Efficient Cowpea Varieties
09-451, 09-956, 09-957
Seed systems
Sustainable seed supply: Farmer managed seed marketing initiatives for sorghum and pearl millet in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger
Seed systems II
Sustaining farmer-managed seed initiatives for sorghum and pearl millet in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso
test Sorghum and millet improvement
Sorghum and pearl millet genetic resources for increased adaptation to diverse production environments in West Africa
Sorghum/millet improvement II
Assessing and Refining the Concept of Dynamic Genepool Management and Simultaneous Farmer-Participatory Population Improvement in Pearl Millet and Sorghum
test Sorghum/millet processing I & II
Increasing rural community incomes through processing sorghum and millet grains into high quality processed foods in Niger
09-450, 11-599
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