Cowpea Square

Lead Organization:

Universite de Maradi

Community of Practice:

West Africa






Cowpea is a major legume crop adapted to the semi-arid region of the West African Sahel. The crop supports families’ needs for self-provisioning, animal feeding, and income generation. This project endevors to achieve the development and the diffusion of new fodder and dual-purpose (grain and fodder use) cowpea cultivars. The new varieties will carry important quality traits and resistance to major pests in Southern Niger. The approach is multidisciplinary and participatory, to achieve the best integration into agricultural systems and social dynamics. The dissemination of plant breeding material will be done in the third year to extend the impact of the work to Mali and Burkina Faso.

Grant Aims:

The project is expected to significantly contribute to legume intensification and strengthen legume breeding in West Africa. It also contributes to better crop-livestock integration in the production systems.