Farmer Knowledge

Lead Organization:

Association Malienne d'Eveil au Developpement Durable

Community of Practice:

West Africa






For the past 15 years, several regional farmers’ organizations, in partnership with researchers and development stakeholders, undertook actions and received training on participatory variety selection of staple crops, decentralized seed production, and participatory agricultural systems research. The project will strive to promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise between farmers who participated in these programs and those who have not benefited through creation of a farmer network. The overall goal is to contribute to the improvement of agricultural productivity and food security of rural families through increased learning in farmers’ networks on innovations and participatory research methods.This farmer-led project will explicitly consider intensification of cereal-legume production systems in Mali and Burkina Faso. It is women-inclusive. The envisaged multi-stakeholder platforms have the potential for high impact regarding learning and farmer adaptation of new technologies that might contribute to agroecological intensification. The training of two students will strengthen local scientific capacities for engaging in and supporting such networked, farmer-led research.

Grant Aims:

Explore and identify ways to efficiently enable and promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise between farmers, farmers’ networks and researchersIdentify ways to strengthen the capacity of farmers’ organizations to conduct research activities defined and directed by themselves.Facilitate communication and dissemination of results