Research Methods Support

Lead Organization:

Statistics for Sustainable Development




The Research Methods Support (RMS) project helps CCRP meet its goals through supporting the program components in using appropriate research methods more effectively. The RMS team has been building on the experience gained from the previous two phases and is responding to the following trends:Greater integrating of CCRP’s principles into the work at various levels of the program;Increasing work through FRNs in diverse forms (while maintaining support to other types of CCRP  projects);Increasing prominence of projects led by people who do not primarily act as researchers (development and farmer organizations);Increasing availability of and interest in relevant data technologies (e.g., mobile data collection, real time data processing and feedback);Increasing interest in and scope for reacting to the challenge of option-by-context interactions (OxC);The possible emergence of other methods-related cross-cutting projects, including FAO Agroecology Knowledge Hub; Bioversity’s Large-N; Soils; PhotosynQ; andA new institutional home for RMS that increases operational flexibility.

Grant Aims:

This project provides research methods support (RMS) to CCRP at individual, project, CoP and program levels. Given that the CCRP is a research-focused program, the issue of ensuring research quality within a farmer-centered approach is critical. In the CCRP context, “high quality” requires an understanding of farmer-centered approaches in each of the regions; rigor, relevance and credibility; the capacity to match approaches to questions and needs; and continuous innovation. The RMS team consists of research methods specialists based in Europe and in the respective CoP regions who bring deep knowledge of smallholder agricultural development issues and challenges. The proposed work will enable the RMS team to continue supporting CCRP’s needs, and to facilitate the integration of other research support projects that are currently part of CCRP’s portfolio or are likely to be added in the future.


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