Status of Landslide Occurrence in West Pokot

In 2019 and 2020, heavy downpours caused catastrophic land- and mudslides in West Pokot in the southeastern parts of Pokot Central and Pokot South sub-counties as well as the areas bordering Elgeyo- Marakwet. The worst landslide occurred in November 2019, claiming the lives of 52 people and an unaccounted number of livestock, along with property loss and displacement of more than 22,000 households in Parua, Nyarkulian, Sebit, Muino, Tamkal, and Batei.

Now entering its third phase, the Drylands FRN project has made great strides in slowing land degradation and erosion, increasing agricultural production, diversifying crops, and more.

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Status report with respect to landslides - May 2020 (pdf)


Prof. Wilson Ngétich



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Organizational publication or report

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East & Southern Africa