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Two fall armyworm videos developed, help farmers combat the pest
24th October 2018
 The fall armyworm outbreak has been a continuing source of distress to farmers and others across Africa, and has now reached India. With support from the CCRP, Paul van Mele of AgroInsight teamed up with Allan Hruska of the FAO to produce two videos about fall armyworm and to translate the...
Sustainable Development Solutions Network to host carbon-free e-conference on responding to the fall armyworm outbreak in Africa
20th September 2018
22-26 October - Free online participation!Two years ago, fall armyworm (FAW) arrived in Africa. What we have learned so far? What are effective strategies in reaching farmers across the continent? How effective have responses so far been? What are the long-term consequences of these responses? What...
Climate Resilient Beans for Mozambique
7th September 2018
In Mozambique, new improved varieties of beans are doubling or even tripling crop yields. Watch a new video about “Climate Resilient Beans for Mozambique” here.  
2018 - Quarter Two Newsletter
30th July 2018
Learn how FRNs are learning from new "dive-deep" projects, how Stats4SD is creating learning opportunities, and get details from the latest meetings and symposiums this quarter.
The Global Alliance seeks collaboration
11th May 2018
The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has announced a Call for Ideas – 2050: Visions for Global Food Systems Transformation.The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a strategic alliance of philanthropic foundations working to transform global food systems. Deep and lasting change can...
2018 - Quarter One Newsletter
30th April 2018
The West Africa Community of practice delivers a Leadership Essentials Training, focused on diversity, and hosts their annual regional meeting. Join us for these and other highlights from across the Collaborative Crop Research Program.